Your IT Project Manager

Case: Agricultural platform (AgTech)


Our client is an Israeli precision agriculture startup.

The orderer was looking for a company that would be able to optimize the costs for creating and launching the platform.


The client needed to develop a platform where his clients can mark their fields and enter the necessary details regarding these fields. This platform should have an option to calculate and display various vegetation indices with a breakdown into dates for further analysis by an Earth remote probing specialist with entering of recommendations on additional surveys and other matters. The client had previously found a company without the necessary experience and requirement description which agreed to execute this project for a hefty amount of money. This amount was too large for the client and he decided to contact us to find other options.


We have researched similar platforms. We wrote a requirement description. We analyzed IT companies that specialize in the creation of geographic information systems (GIS). We conducted negotiations. After all, we chose the most relevant company, which offered to execute this project almost twice as cheap.

However, we’ve encountered additional challenges because the processing of a large array of satellite images (which accumulated for years) and its storage required additional expenditures of time (which did not work for the client) and cash. During the research of similar platforms, it turned out that there are companies that sell the necessary processed images.

To speed up the launch of the platform and optimize the costs of its development we decided to use the services of a supplier of ready-made processed images for the prompt launch of the platform.

The following specialists were involved in implementing this task:

IT manager

He was responsible for working with a client and precision agriculture specialists, looking into the solutions of competitors, writing the requirement description, searching for contractors, conducting negotiations, monitoring the work of contractors, and the successful launch of the platform.


He was responsible for the technical implementation of the platform.


The result of the accomplished work was a quick and successful launch of the precision agriculture platform with an optimized budget.