Your IT Project Manager

Case: IT management


Our client is a startup founder.


A very busy startup founder, who has a personal assistant (a young woman), which helps him in every way. Most of the tasks are performed by contractors and outside specialists. 

Major challenges:

  • lack of specific expertise
  • plenty of time is spent on the explanation of the tasks to different people
  • verification of job executions (deadlines, quality, fitness-for-purpose)
  • communication between contractors and team members
  • access permissions management
  • safekeeping of best practices
  • expectations (usually the result doesn’t meet expectations)


The following actions were undertaken for implementing this task:

  • a particular  IT manager was assigned to the project, he took over task management
  • the client sets new tasks only to the IT manager
  • storage was created in the cloud in which all the data was placed and systematized
  • secure storage was created for all access permissions
  • a document containing names of all contractors was created
  • a calendar of all payments was created


The completion time and quality of task execution have improved. Client satisfaction has increased. Saving of time and money.

Technologies and tools

Trello, Google Drive, Miro, KeePass