Your IT Project Manager

Case: Validation of business idea


Our client is a self-employed entrepreneur.


The client has come up with a new business idea. He planned to reach new clients via the Internet. Before investing money in further development, it’s necessary to find out how many clients will be interested in this service.

The client was looking for a company that would be able to undertake in full a comprehensive task solution.


To create a website, to set up ads, and to check the number of potential clients that will express their interest in the business idea.

The following specialists were involved in implementing this task:


IT manager

He was responsible for work with a client, for assignment of tasks to executants, for their coordination and checking, and the final result.

Marketing specialist

He conducted preliminary marketing research, surveyed competitors, designed a sales funnel, and wrote texts for the website.


He created a logo and style of the website, as well as the content for promotional campaigns.

PPC advertising manager

He customized and launched promotional campaigns.

Desktop publisher

Website coding with extra functionality.

IT administrator

Domain name registration, selection of website hosting provider, installation of SSL, setup of a business email and website security.


Here are the results of the accomplished work: a corporate style and a website were created, a sales funnel was developed and a promotional campaign was set up. Visitor performance of the website and the results of promotional campaigns were analyzed. In the aftermath of this, it was recommended to slightly modify the website, the sales funnel, and optimize promotional campaigns.

Technologies and tools

WordPress, Figma, Ahrefs, Hotjar, Google Analytics, Google AdSense, Yandex.Direct, Yandex.Mail for business