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Agricultural SaaS Platform

Agricultural SaaS Platform

Client Overview

Our client is an Israeli precision agriculture startup looking for a service provider to optimize the costs for creating and launching their platform.

Business Problem

The client needed to develop an online platform where his clients could mark their fields and enter necessary details regarding their agricultural production. This platform would also require an option to calculate and display various vegetation indices with a breakdown of critical dates for further analysis by an Earth remote probing specialist, who would provide recommendations on additional surveys and other matters using the same platform. The client had a bad experience with a previous service provider who lacked the necessary experience and quoted a price above the client’s budget. The client reached out to Your ITPM to discuss other options that would better suit their needs.

Outline of our solution

We researched similar platforms and analyzed IT companies that specialize in the creation of geographic information systems (GIS). Using this information, we wrote a requirement description and conducted negotiations. Finally, we chose the best service provider according to our research and agreed on a price that was almost half of that suggested by the client’s previous experience.

We encountered additional challenges when we found that the processing and storage of a large array of satellite images accumulated over time would cost more time and money than the client could allow. While researching similar platforms, we discovered that it was possible to purchase the necessary images already processed. To speed up the launch of the platform and reduce the cost of its development, we decided to outsource image processing to a supplier.

The creation of a suitable platform for the client’s needs involved several specialists, including an IT manager. The IT manager was responsible for working directly with the client and precision agriculture specialists, researching competitors’ solutions, writing the requirement description, negotiating with and monitoring the hired contractors, and, finally, the successful launch of the platform. The contractors were responsible for the technical implantation of the platform according to the specifications and deadlines imposed by the IT manager.

Project Details

Key Benefits From Our Solution

Increase productivity

The productivity of the vegetation system yielded higher crops per square footage. This is crucial as margins are thin for the corporation on some of their crop.

Timely launch

We were able to work within a pre-agreed upon launch of the platform that would allow the corporation to implement our recommendations before starting their next crop.

Tools Used

A stack of various programming languages including:

  • PHP
  • Javascript
  • HTML
  • Python

We also had to utilized cloud technologies and a third-party API to allow the client access into the project.

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