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Outsourcing IT Management

Outsourcing IT Management

Client Overview

Our client is a startup founder.

Business Problem

The startup founder and his personal assistant were overwhelmed by the amount of work involved in running their business. Almost all tasks were performed by outside contractors and specialists that must be coordinated and kept on schedule. This responsibility proved to be too much for the small in-house staff.

The major challenges being faced included:

  •       lack of specific expertise
  •       difficulty communicating specific tasks between and within teams
  •       verification of job execution (deadlines, quality, fitness for purpose)
  •       access permissions management
  •       ensuring the outcome meets expectations

The founder reached out to Your ITPM for assistance in managing these resources and reaching business goals.

Outline of our solution

Your ITPM assigned an IT manager to take over task management specifically for this startup company. The startup founder submitted new tasks and business ideas directly to the IT manager, who then delegated the tasks to outside contractors and oversaw their completion. The IT manager provided clear communication between the founder and contractors, in language both parties could understand.

Additionally, the IT manager set up systemized cloud storage to securely organize business data. This included managing access permissions to ensure only the appropriate team members could access secure data. The IT manager also created documentation of all outside contractors for organizational and reference purposes. This documentation was used to set up and manage a calendar of payment.

Project Details

Key Benefits From Our Solution

Freed valuable time

We were able to free the startup founder and his assistant of many time-consuming responsibilities that ended up saving our client roughly 4 hours per week.

Increased productivity

The execution and completion time of outsourced tasks has improved, resulting in increased productivity and client satisfaction.

Increased workplace efficiency

This cost-effective approach to business operation has allowed critical staff to focus their time and efforts on implementing new business ideas and growing the company.

Tools Used

  • Trello – collaborative task organization tool for projects with multiple team members
  • Google Drive – secure cloud-based storage that allows easy multi-point access
  • Miro – collaborative whiteboard platform for virtual team planning and brainstorming
  • KeePass – secure password manager


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Frequent Questions

Our services vary greatly to accomodate a range of business needs. Our most popular services are IT Management for finding outsourced IT teams, Website Building for fully coded sites and App Development. Your IT Project Manager is the ‘middle man’ in finding you the teams to get all of your projects complete, and manages the team every step of the way to keep things on time, in the correct format and to your liking.  

Yes, we are open and excited to meet with you to speak about your business IT needs and would be happy to find a time that works in your schedule to make it happen. 

Yes, all projects are completed with strict standards agreed upon on the original contract. Once the project is complete we also provide a warranty period for all our projects to ensure everything is maintained and working as expected after development.

Yes, if you are looking to have us support a current team or yourself on IT projects we can support projects for an additional fee. Please provide us with the details of your current situation and we will discuss what will be possible!