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Validation of a Business Idea

Validation of a Business Idea

Client Overview

Our client is a self-employed entrepreneur.

Business Problem

The client had a new business idea and planned to reach new clients via the internet. Before investing money in further development, he wanted to estimate potential client interest in this service. He reached out to Your ITPM to help develop an attractive website and complete a comprehensive evaluation of the prospective success of the business idea, which would allow him to adjust and make changes to create the optimal outcome.

Outline of our solution

To meet this client’s needs, Your IPTM worked with the client to develop a plan that involved creating a website, setting up ads, and checking the number of potential clients that would be interested in this new business idea.

The following specialists were involved in this project:

  •       An IT administrator took care of the website domain name registration, selection of the hosting provider for the website, installation of the secure sockets layer (SSL), website security, and setup of a business email.
  •       A marketing specialist conducted preliminary marketing research, surveyed competitors, designed a sales funnel, and wrote texts for the website.
  •       A designer worked with the client to create a logo and style for the website that makes a great first impression for potential clients. The designer was also responsible for creating attractive and effective content for promotional campaigns.
  •       A desktop publisher developed website coding with extra functionality, working with the designer to ensure the website’s customer interface runs smoothly.
  •       A pay-per-click (PPC) advertising manager customized and launched promotional campaigns.
  •       An IT manager was responsible for working directly with the client, as well as assigning and coordinating tasks for executants. He also conducted ongoing reviews of progress and ensured the final result met the client’s needs.

Project Details

Key Benefits From Our Solution

Organized their structure

Our strategy outlined key roles the client needed to hire/outsource and resulted in significant improvements to the client’s business. Your ITPM introduced a corporate style and website reflective of his business and the clients they wanted to attract and developed sales funnels and promotional campaigns to help drive future growth.

Insights into industry trends

Our specialists conducted an analysis of visitor traffic to the website as well as the results of the promotional campaigns and used this data to suggest changes to the proces.

Increased the effectiveness of the website

We recommended slight modifications to the website and the sales funnel. In turn this improved the business performance and increased the effectiveness of the client’s new business idea.

Tools Used In The Project

  • WordPress – website publishing software
  • Figma – web-based graphics editing and user interface design software
  • Ahrefs – SEO toolset used for analysis and increasing website traffic
  • Hotjar – analytics toolset used for evaluating website effectiveness
  • Google Analytics – toolset for evaluating customer behaviour and user experience
  • Google Adsense – provides a way for website publishers to earn money from online content
  • Yandex.Direct – uses advertising data to promote similar products and services to customers
  • Yandex.Mail for Business – online mail management service that allows multiple employee mailboxes

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