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App Development Management Overview

Develop a customized app designed to improve performance and increase efficiency within your business, even if you and your team don’t have the specialized knowledge required to do so. Outsourcing your app development management to Your IT Project Manager allows you to work with expert specialists and professional resources to create the perfect app for your business.

Benefits of App Development Management

Best value

Your IT Project Manager will assess the requirements of your app and develop a plan to achieve them within your budget and deadlines. This minimizes stress for you and allows you to focus on other tasks.

Organized process

You will be provided with a detailed budget breakdown and thorough timeline of app development. Your IT Project Manager will keep you informed of progress every step of the way while also taking care of any issues that arise.

Increased efficiency

Your application(s) will be developed by a team of specialist with expert knowledge and access to world-class resources. The result is an app that will be bug-free and regularly maintained, creating more streamlined business processes and decreasing stress on your team.


Constant, reliable communication with Your IT Project manager throughout the app development process allows you to see progress and make changes in real time, resulting in the most suitable application for your needs.

Who needs App Development Management Services?

Hiring an app development manager is the right choice for your business if:

Why Outsource Your App Development Management?

There are a variety of applications that can help your business grow and thrive in today’s technology-driven world. From database apps that systematically collect, organize, and report data for quick and easy reference to web apps that improve customer experience and can be accessed anywhere, there are plenty of options to assist in all aspects of running and business. App development can quickly become complicated, and therefore requires a specialized skill set and detailed knowledge of the process. Your IT Project Manager will take your ideas, budget, and deadlines, and create a plan that will meet all your requirements. We will take care of hiring a suitable team, evaluating progress, maintaining the resulting app, and communicating with you throughout. With your ITPM, you can focus on the future of your business while we take care of the rest.

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Our Process

We will collect business requirements for your software.

We will analyze the business requirements for the software and provide an implementation plan.

We will find a suitable contractor who will carry out the work according to the previously agreed plan.

We will monitor the contractor’s work to make sure everything went smoothly.

After the end of the project, we will monitor and maintain your software.

Tailored Solutions

Organizations differ in so many ways and have very different needs, so we customize our services to match your needs. Each project begins with a consultation call to identify your unique goals and kickstart our work together. We follow up with designing a clear approach that fits with your organization’s structure and target outcomes. We ensure time is set aside for ongoing analysis and review throughout the project to ensure we are always on the same page. The result is a smooth collaboration built on mutual trust that enhances your business and fits seamlessly into your larger business plans.

Meet some of Our Amazing Clients

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We were looking to improve our speed to market and our customer satisfaction. Project Management from Your ITPM was a great fit. They had IT expertise that we lacked. Then they took the time to get to know our needs and came up with a tailor-made plan. We were able to complete our project more quickly than I expected, with great results.
Sam Smith
We needed to migrate a massive amount of files and information to new software, and we lacked the IT expertise to confidently do it ourselves. They were able to do the work efficiently and help us to organize our data. Now we have a much better IT infrastructure, and we didn’t have to waste time figuring out how to do it ourselves. We’ll come back to ITPM for future IT projects.
Russell Kunibe
We needed to outsource a lot of work for a large project, and the team at Your IT Project Manager was able to manage the project seamlessly. It was important to us that we keep quality high and maintain a consistent brand voice. ITPM handled recruitment and management and ensured that all the work met our standards. We saved time and a lot of headaches trying to manage contractors with different specialties, and we were very happy with the final work.
Daniel Hesselink