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Contractor Management overview

Get the specialty work you need done affordably, without sacrificing quality. A contractor manager will hire, train, and supervise outsourced work to make sure it gets done well. At Your IT Project Manager, we work with an established network of contractors to find you experts for your next project.

The Benefits of Having a Contractor Manager

Find the Best Contractors

Our managers have already done the time-consuming work of sorting through hundreds of profiles and resumes. We find qualified freelancers who do high-quality work and then connect them with our partners.

Quality Control

Your manager will ensure that all contractor work is being done to your specifications, without you having to micromanage.

Integrate Your Team

It can be hard for full-time employees and freelancers to come together and find a productive dynamic. A manager helps to make sure that everyone understands their respective role and is able to work together successfully.

Risk Management

Sometimes bringing in freelancers means concerns about confidential material or proprietary practices. Your manager will identify these risks and implement paperwork and other necessary protective controls.

Do You Need Outsourced Contractor Management?

If your organization has any of the following needs, contractor management may be the right fit for you:

Why Outsource Contractor Management?

More organizations today are blending full-time employees with freelancers to create flexible teams capable of fulfilling diverse project needs. Hiring contractors and freelancers puts a wide range of expertise at your fingertips, while keeping staffing costs low. But hiring, training, and managing freelancers can be extremely time-consuming. And if you don’t know where to look, you can end up hiring unqualified or unreliable people. A contractor manager takes charge of recruiting, on-boarding, and managing the contractors and freelancers your organization needs on a project-by-project basis.

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Our Process

We’ll review which skills you need, your project timeline, and your budget. We’ll also get a sense of your existing team and the level of integration necessary with your full-time employees.

We’ll recruit, interview, and hire the contractors you need. We may hire from our existing network or interview new hires. You have the right to review and veto all potential hires.

We introduce each contractor to the project goals and organizational structure. If contractors will be working with employees, we make sure responsibilities throughout the group are clear.

Throughout the contract period, we supervise contractors to ensure they are meeting milestones and that the quality of the work is high. You will also have the opportunity for mid-project feedback.

We introduce each contractor to the project goals and organizational structure. If contractors will be working with employees, we make sure responsibilities throughout the group are clear.

Tailored Solutions

Organizations differ in so many ways and have very different needs, so we customize our services to match your needs. Each project begins with a consultation call to identify your unique goals and kickstart our work together. We follow up with designing a clear approach that fits with your organization’s structure and target outcomes. We ensure time is set aside for ongoing analysis and review throughout the project to ensure we are always on the same page. The result is a smooth collaboration built on mutual trust that enhances your business and fits seamlessly into your larger business plans.

Meet some of Our Amazing Clients

We work for your achievements. Trust what successful clients have to say about us!

We were looking to improve our speed to market and our customer satisfaction. Project Management from Your ITPM was a great fit. They had IT expertise that we lacked. Then they took the time to get to know our needs and came up with a tailor-made plan. We were able to complete our project more quickly than I expected, with great results.
Sam Smith
We needed to migrate a massive amount of files and information to new software, and we lacked the IT expertise to confidently do it ourselves. They were able to do the work efficiently and help us to organize our data. Now we have a much better IT infrastructure, and we didn’t have to waste time figuring out how to do it ourselves. We’ll come back to ITPM for future IT projects.
Russell Kunibe
We needed to outsource a lot of work for a large project, and the team at Your IT Project Manager was able to manage the project seamlessly. It was important to us that we keep quality high and maintain a consistent brand voice. ITPM handled recruitment and management and ensured that all the work met our standards. We saved time and a lot of headaches trying to manage contractors with different specialties, and we were very happy with the final work.
Daniel Hesselink