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How a Website Manager Can Make All the Difference?

Website project manager

An attractive, well-developed website is a hugely beneficial tool for any successful business in today’s market. On the surface, website design may seem simple and straightforward: after purchasing your domain, you set up your desired aesthetic using one of the many website design services offering appealing promotions (think Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, etc.), launch your website, and you’re done…right?

Not quite. To get the most out of your website, it needs to change and grow with your business. This requires constant attention and maintenance, something you probably don’t have the time or knowledge to handle. You could hire an employee or team to manage your website within your company, but the hiring process is time consuming and this can become expensive as you realize you need more people with different specialties. This is when you should consider outsourcing your website management to a specialized company like Your IT Project Manager.

What is website management?

Website management can be roughly broken down into three main categories: security, content design and management, and general support. Your website manager will oversee specialists within these areas to ensure that all aspects of your website function cohesively and consistently.

Website security

The security of your website is of utmost important – there is a constant risk of cyberattack, hacking, phishing and other malicious ploys that threaten the security of both your business’s and your customer’s data. A website manager will create a system of constant maintenance to minimize this risk as much as possible. This includes preventative or passive maintenance such as creating firewalls and blocking hackers, as well as active management like scheduled malware scans and website updates to reduce vulnerability.

User interface & layout

The appearance of your website will be the first impression for many prospective customers. Your website’s design should be a positive representation of your business and offer up-to-date resources for visitors. You will work with your website manager to outline the desired aesthetic of your website, which will be professionally designed and optimized by specialists in HTML and SEO to increase traffic to your website. Once the initial design is established, your website manager will also maintain consistent updates as you desire so that your website continues to optimally reflect your business as it grows and changes.

Contact points

Your website manager will also be available for any questions or inquiries related to your website that you or your team have. They will be able to publish real-time content and updates at the same speed your business fluctuates. The relationship between your business and your website manager is mutually beneficial – it is best for everyone when you are succeeding, so your website manager ultimately wants what is best for your business and will work with you to achieve all your goals.

An outsourced website manager will be able to give your website the focus and attention it deserves. Maintaining an optimal website is a full-time commitment that can be overwhelming for business owners. Instead of diverting your time from growing your business, allow a website manager like Your IT Project Manager to manage your website development on the burden and assist you towards a successful future for your business.

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