Your IT Project Manager

How can an IT Project Manager help support your IT Infrastructure?

Contractor Manager

As a business owner, you have a lot on your plate. Managing products, services, and staff on your frontlines is already a lot of work, and that’s not even including what’s happening behind the scenes. In order for a business to survive in today’s world, it is necessary to have some kind of IT infrastructure operating constantly. Your infrastructure can be either a traditional hardware-and-software setup typically installed on-site, or a virtual cloud infrastructure that can be accessed anywhere an internet connection is available.   An ideal infrastructure provides opportunity for constant customer interaction, as well as collecting data and increasing productivity.  To keep your infrastructure secure and reliable, you will need an IT support team. As your business grows, so will your responsibilities, and just the thought of all the work that needs to be done is overwhelming. This is where a project manager can be a huge asset.

Takes Responsibilities

A project manager will take on some or all of the responsibilities you would be otherwise responsible for as a business owner. Essentially, you would be relieved of any tedious or distracting tasks so that you can focus on bigger projects. Instead of focusing on day-to-day maintenance of your sophisticated IT or other IT related issues, you can continue to push your business forward while someone else takes care of it. This is what’s known as project management as a service, or PMaaS, a valuable tool for any growing business.

Manages Your Outsourcing

ITPM falls under PMaaS, focusing specifically on hiring outsourced IT support. Here, we are knowledgeable and experienced in hiring the specialized IT services for your individual needs. Instead of hiring an in-house IT support team, allow us to do it for you. There are many benefits to outsourcing your IT support team:

  • Around the Clock Service. Your outsourced team provides constant, around-the-clock service. They will take care of regular maintenance and preventative care to avoid possible future issues. You will never have to worry about system failures when your in-house team is off the clock or incur extra costs from overtime work and emergency call-ins, because an outsourced team has everything covered 24/7. Whereas a lapse in infrastructure functionality would overwhelm a small in-house team, your outsourced team will simply expand to take care of your needs.
  • Fits in Your Budget. It is more cost-effective. While the upfront cost can be daunting, you must consider the cost to your business in the case of any of the previously mentioned situations. Not only will you pay the cost of extra staff work hours, but you will also lose revenue during your infrastructure’s downtime. An outsourced team hired by ITPM solves infrastructure issues quickly and drastically decreases downtime, all for a set cost that will not fluctuate in the event of a disaster.
  • Best tools and technologies. Your business will be supported by the latest in world-class tools and technology. While these resources can be costly for independent business owners with small in-house IT teams, they are built into the set cost of outsourcing your IT support. This means your infrastructure will always be as current as it can possibly be.

Now that you know how outsourcing IT support can benefit your business, how do you pick where you outsource to? That’s where ITPM comes in. As your IT project manager, we will find the third party IT service provider most suitable for your business and budget. You don’t have to be an expert in IT or even have any knowledge at all – that’s our job. We’ll take care of consulting between you and your outsourced IT support team, as well as making sure you always have adequate support for any current or upcoming projects. IT project management also includes keeping an open line of honest communication regarding your IT needs so that you always understand what is happening without having the burden of managing your infrastructure yourself. Finally, your IT project manager will constantly monitor the progress and performance of your outsourced IT support team to ensure that your needs are being met.

You just sit back, relax, and focus on your business.

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