Your IT Project Manager

Manage Your Outsourced IT Team the Right Way

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Outsourcing is a valuable asset for businesses looking to increase productivity while reducing costs, particularly IT services. An outsourced IT team gives your business access to experienced professionals in IT as well as world-class technology and resource, available around the clock and all for a fixed cost. With specific goals to reach and a well-designed strategy to reach them, an outsourced IT team can help your business grow exponentially.

But it all falls apart without proper management.

An outsourced IT team still requires the same monitoring and communication as an in-house team to ensure that progress is in the desired manner. The constant evaluation can be time-consuming, not to mention overwhelming if you lack in-depth knowledge of IT systems and procedures. This is where Your IT Project Manager can help – we act as a middleman between you and your outsourced IT team and provide communication in a way that can be understood by both parties.

Here’s how it works:

  • You have a specific technical task that needs to be completed. You work with Your ITPM create a detailed description of the task and the steps required to accomplish it.
  • Your ITPM assigns the task to your outsourced IT team and evaluates their ability to accomplish it according to your instructions and timeline. If changes are required, Your ITPM will relay that to you and modify the original assignment to accommodate the changes.
  • Your ITPM will oversee the outsourced IT team’s progress on the task, monitoring and adjusting for any challenges that may arise and providing motivation to produce a higher quality outcome.
  • Meanwhile, you will continue to focus on the front end of your business. Your ITPM is entirely responsible for your outsourced IT team and will provide regular evaluations and updates for you, but otherwise you will not have to focus any large amount of time on managing your outsourced IT team.
  • Your assigned tasks are completed to your specifications in a timely manner, without taking you away from your own duties.

Your ITPM provides a line of communication between you and your outsourced IT team without overwhelming you with responsibilities involved in managing an IT team. With an IT project manager, your IT team will benefit too. Your IT Project Manager has extensive experience in IT systems, business management, and contract negotiation, and will work with you to ensure they have a detailed knowledge of your business scope and goals. This makes them a valuable resource for your outsourced IT team to refer to. Your ITPM will regularly monitor progress on assigned tasks, allowing for errors to be corrected before they can cause major problems. They can evaluate the importance of various tasks and prioritize accordingly, adjusting the focus of the outsourced IT team’s work to provide the greatest outcomes for your business. With Your ITPM overseeing your outsourced IT team, you can remain focused on critical front-end business tasks. By working together, your business will grow and succeed.

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