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Top 8 Ways IT Management Can Advance Your Business

Today, any successful business needs a secure and reliable IT infrastructure to support it. That infrastructure needs to grow with the business, and it relies on a capable IT support team to ensure it functions reliably and securely. Acquiring and overseeing an in-house IT support team is a daunting task and takes away focus from business development. This is where you need an IT project manager and an outsourced IT support team to take care of all your IT concerns while you remain on the frontlines of your business.

IT project management is an extremely useful asset for any growing or established business. It seems like a self-explanatory job title – your IT project manager manages any IT-related aspects of your project. But what exactly does that include, and how can it benefit you and your business? At ITPM, we will work with you to develop a strategy to align your business goals and the technology available to you, maintain the most efficient use of that technology, and plan for future growth of your business. We will also oversee that your outsourced IT support team is meeting the goals and expectations of your IT infrastructure so that your business continues to run smoothly. Need more convincing? Here are the top eight ways IT management can advance your business:

  • Your IT project manager is focused on growing your business with you. IT project management is mutually beneficial – when you succeed, so do we. We will keep an open line of communication with all departments within your business to ensure everyone’s IT needs are being met to the best of our capabilities. We’ll work with individual team leaders to plan for future goals and develop a strategy for the IT support team to follow. Your IT project manager has your business’s best interest in mind and will strive to keep an honest and trusting relationship with you.

  • Your day-to-day IT necessities will be taken care of. Chances are your employees rely on having access to the internet, and your business probably has a website that customers rely on as well. You need these to run securely and reliably 24/7. Your outsourced IT support team, overseen by your IT project manager, will look after this network and make sure it is always accessible. We will also work with the IT support team to develop a system for reporting and addressing IT concerns from employees and customers.

  • Your IT infrastructure will be as secure and reliable as possible. With outsourced IT support, your business will be monitored round-the-clock and protected by the latest security strategies. Thanks to a focus on preventative maintenance, your infrastructure is unlikely to ever experience any major downtime. Rather than relying on an outdated break-fix model that is constantly trying to keep up with ever-increasing damage, we pride ourselves in recognizing and addressing areas that need support before they can become major issues. Your IT team will detect risks early and prevent possible disasters such as cyberattacks. In the event of an unexpected IT emergency, your IT team will have a plan in place to secure data, contain the issue, and limit the amount of damage. You can rest assured that your infrastructure has the best possible protection.

  • Your IT project manager keeps track of who has access to what and when. Your employees and customers will need access to your website and therefore your network. Your IT project manager and IT support team with monitor software access and permissions for safe use and security concerns. If you also provide hardware – desktop or laptop computers, tablets, smartphones, etc. – we will be responsible for the safety and security of those as well. These resources will be consistently maintained to ensure that they are as functional and possible.

  • Your business will have access to top-tier specialists and the latest technology. We will collaborate with you and your third-party IT team to ensure you have the most up-to-date resources needed to meet your business goals. You will save money by avoiding the cost of acquiring these resources yourself or purchasing unnecessary expensive technology that won’t be used. Your IT project manager will help you select the technology most suitable for your business and budget.
  • You will save money. We will help you develop a budget and find the best possible service within that budget. Hiring an IT project manager and an outsourced IT support team is an up-front set cost. Unless your service changes, that cost will not fluctuate regardless of any IT disasters, staff fluctuations, or any other changes that would otherwise be a massive financial burden. There are no unexpected emergency costs. Because any infrastructure crises are either avoided or quickly dealt with, there will be minimal revenue losses in the event of a cyberattack or sudden outage. Your IT project manager prioritizes costs around your business goals and allocates spending efficiently, so you are getting the best possible deal for your money.

  • You will save time. Your IT manager will make sure there is always a plan in place so that any issues that arise are resolved as quickly and efficiently as possible. Less time spent on IT issues means more time spent on business growth and development. Having an IT project manager to take over the complicated task of overseeing your IT infrastructure and support team allows you to prioritize bigger tasks within your business and focus on implementing new ideas.

  • You won’t have to worry. Hiring an IT project manager to oversee all your IT needs is a huge weight off your shoulders. IT infrastructure is a massive component of a successful business and therefore requires a massive amount of attention. It is complicated and constantly changing and it is also not your concern as long as you have an IT project manager to take care of it for you. We will monitor the productivity of your IT support team and make changes when necessary to ensure that you are always on track to meet your business goals. Our focus is always on planning and strategizing so we can help your business grow to its maximum potential.
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