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Why do you need technical specifications for work?

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A well-written statement of work (SOW) or technical specifications is the key to successfully implementing any project. With such documentation, both the customer and the contractor can ensure that both parties think in the same direction and equally understand the project’s essence, content, and scope.

What does the SOW deliver to the customer?

  • A statement of work protects the customer. When working with an unscrupulous contractor (unfortunately, there are such), SOW acts as the customer’s main argument regarding the services’ volume and quality.
  • A statement of work helps structure ideas. Customers often turn to contractors with completely vague and scattered thoughts, wording, and requests. Contractors pursue their self-interest and take advantage of this. To better understand the result, it is necessary to draw up a competent statement of work. This document should contain all the information required to complete the assignment.
  • A competent statement of work saves budget, time, and nerves. In the presence of a well-thought-out, decent statement of work, the likelihood of problems and additional costs will be minimal during the project.

What does the SOW deliver to the contractor?

As is the case with the customer, a well-written statement of work helps the contractor solve many problems while agreeing on the volume and cost of work.

  • The contractor protects the contractor from an additional scope. Roughly speaking, all the contractor has to do is comply with all the requirements and preferences outlined in the site’s statement of work. The customer will no longer be able to add new tasks to the project for free.
  • The statement of work gives an exact list of what needs to be completed. Calculate the required volume and cost of work to finish the assignment. A detailed statement of work will speed up its implementation process, and reduce additional questions and discussions.

Who prepares the SOW?

On the one hand, the statement of work should be drawn up by the customers, since they know more than anyone what needs to be done. On the other hand, the customer is usually not a specialist and does not have the necessary experience in the area in which it is required to perform the work. An unscrupulous contractor can overestimate the amount of work needed (overstate the cost, quantity, add unnecessary tasks). Consequently, the contractor will complete the task using non-optimal technologies, which will increase the project’s cost and lead to additional costs in the future.

How to write the SOW in a quality manner?

Ideally, to write a statement of work, it is better to contact an independent company that will not directly fulfill your technical assignment but has the necessary experience and knowledge in the created technical specification.

How do we help our clients?

  • We involve ourselves as much as possible in the customer’s idea 
  • Based on our experience, we recommend the necessary further actions 
  • We write technical specifications for various stages of the project 
  • We are looking for the required specialists and contractors 
  • We communicate with performers at all phases of work, promote the interests of the customer
  • We receive the completed tasks
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