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Why Should You Outsource Your IT Support?

Are you in over your head managing IT support for your business? Did your network experience a cyberattack and now you’re concerned about security? Are you just exploring your IT options? Whether you’re looking to establish new IT support for your business or you have an existing in-house team, outsourcing can be a valuable asset for improving and protecting your network while reducing costs and workload. Here are some of the top reasons that outsourcing IT could be right for you:

Outsourcing IT provides more stability

 IT specialists are in demand and often receive competitive offers. This means at any moment your carefully chosen in-house team could be swept away by another company, leaving you high and dry with insufficient IT support. A third-party outsourcing company like ITPM is the solution to this dilemma – our team ensures that there is always sufficient coverage to keep your network running efficiently and effectively. And there are other benefits too: ITPM can maintain IT support around the clock, which helps you avoid leaving your network unattended while your in-house team is off the clock. What if you already have an in-house team you really like and are reluctant to part with? It is possible to outsource only a portion of your in-house team’s workload – like having an outsourced team take care of the tedious work so that your team can focus on bigger projects.

Your network will be more secure with an outsourced team behind it

 Unexpected IT disasters, like a cyberattack or system failure, can quickly overwhelm a small in-house IT team and spell disaster for a business. Outsourcing can help protect against catastrophe as well as managing security crises in the event they happen. Not only will your network have round-the-clock monitoring and active protection, but the outsourced team can also expand or shrink to adapt to circumstances. When problems arise, more team members are allocated to combat the situation, resulting in faster, more efficient solutions and a greatly decreased chance of drastic consequences.

A third-party team, that ITPM can find for you, will provide the latest technology and resources

 As an IT-specific company, ITPM has access to the most recent technological developments and will ensure you are getting the top resources to benefit your business. For a business with only a small in-house IT team, maintaining an up-to-date IT portfolio can quickly become expensive. Our team has access to resources that may not be easily accessible to the public, and we can use them to improve your network performance while maintaining a service that is suitable for your budget.

It is more cost-effective than hiring individuals

In order to maintain your team, you have to compete with incoming offers. Ideally your business will expand, which means your IT support team will need to grow as well. This means more specialists with more competitive offers, and so the cost grows. You also have to keep up with current technology and IT resources to provide the best possible toolkit for your in-house team to work. This all adds up. Choosing to outsource your IT support means having access to a competent and reliable team at a price that suits your needs.

Most importantly for you, a business owner, outsourcing IT makes your job far easier

Hiring an in-house team requires lots of time – and time is money. Each candidate must be individually screened and selected, and later trained in their specific role. This is incredibly tedious and time-consuming, and you are already a busy person. Additionally, you likely are not an IT specialist yourself – how can you evaluate your candidates based on criteria that you are not familiar with? How can you train staff in a role that you are not an expert in yourself? If you make it through hiring and training, there is still the risk that your staff will quit unexpectedly – as mentioned above, the IT field is highly competitive, and specialists have been known to jump from job to job as better offers come in. ITPM will take care of all this for you. Not only are all our staff carefully chosen, we also ensure that our team is always capable of handling your business’s workload effectively regardless of our turnover – your network will never again be affected by one person’s sudden absence.

Overall, IT support outsourcing is a valuable asset for any growing or established business

 Having a third-party company like ITPM manage your IT team provides much-needed stability and security while providing access to new technology. Trusting us to handle your business’s IT team is a load off your shoulders and reduces business expenses in the long run. If you think IT outsourcing might be the perfect solution for your business, get in touch with us to discuss your options.

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